Birdy Budget

Envelope-based budgeting for iOS

Birdy Budget is made to allow you to budget quickly with zero setup hoops to jump through. Specify when and how often you get paid (every two weeks on Thursday, monthly on the 1st, weekly on Friday) and you're ready to jot down a budget.

There is no time-consuming and fiddly maintenance:

• With Birdy Budget you do NOT need to maintain account resisters with down-to-the-penny accuracy.

• With Birdy Budget you do NOT need to clear and reconcile transactions against your bank statement.

• Birdy budget is as simple as a note pad but faster to update.

Envelope Style Budgeting

Plan your spending limits just like you would using envelopes and cash.

Each budget in Birdy Budget covers from one pay cheque to the next. Each budget is a fresh start, with no over or under spending from last budget to worry about. If you didn't enter the coffee you got on the last day of your previous budget you will not be given an inflated "safe to budget" number for your current budget.

Quick and Simple

1) Tap an envelope

2) Enter how much you spent

3) Done.

Adding a payee or memo are both optional, all you need to enter is the amount. The envelope you spend from’s earmarked funds are reduced by your spending.

Track Credit Card Spending

1) Spend money earmarked in an envelope using a credit card

2) Move that money to your credit card payment envelope

3) When you pay your card bill spend from your card’s envelope

When you make a purchase on a credit card you move the monty you spent to that credit card’s payment envelope.